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Đề kiểm tra học kỳ I, Tiếng Anh 12 (Đề 07)

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Đề kiểm tra học kỳ I, Tiếng Anh 12 (Đề 07)

I. Choose the best answer

Câu 1: Columbus _______America more than 400 years ago.

Câu 2: He __________fell down when he towards the church.

Câu 3:  Bao Yen sings ______than this singer.

Câu 4: The __________we start, the sooner we will be back.

Câu 5:  If it  ________ so late, we could have coffee.

Câu 6:  She_______ a lot since her son died.

Câu 7: These city girls are used______ in the field.

Câu 8:  I ________in Jakarta, but now I live in Paris.

Câu 9:  She hasn’t seen her family ______three years ago.

Câu 10:  This car is _____than mine.

Câu 11:   She is the _____daughter in the family.

Câu 12:  I’m worried _____my final exam in English.

Câu 13:  Sunday is the day_____ which we usually go fishing.

Câu 14:  The person ____you want to see is my friend.

Câu 15: We run out____ petrol now.

Câu 16: Where did she find the money_______? the room.

Câu 17:  She never thought_____ it again.

Câu 18: Frank used to work in a small shop. He _____

Câu 19: Joe’s garden is more interesting_____ Bill’s.

Câu 20: I enjoy_____ to the park on summer evenings.

Câu 21:  The attendance _____this meeting is very large.

Câu 22: I am thankful_____him____his advece

Câu 23:  _______you rather sit by the window? 

Câu 24: If it____rain, we’ll have the party outside. 

Câu 25: “This soup is hot”
“The _____better”

Câu 26: Why are you moving?
Because our new house has ____space than the old one

Câu 27: '' the longest fish in the contest was eighteen inches long''
''It_______by Thelma Rivers

Câu 28: " Are we about to have dinner?"
"yes, it______in the dinning room"

Câu 29: If you_____time, please write to me

Câu 30: My great passion in life is_________

Câu 31: She is _____ up with doing the same thing everyday.

Câu 32: She is beginning _____karate

Câu 33: His friends are surpried ____ his success

Câu 34: We are tired____ the long walk.

Câu 35: There are many ways of _____free time in Britain.

Câu 36: Football seems _____the most popular game in England.

Câu 37: We ____ doris since last Sunday

Câu 38: People are fond ____watching that program.

Câu 39:  Important matches often take _____at weekends.

Câu 40:  She has no_____ in studying mathematics.

Câu 41: This is the man ______teaches me.

Câu 42:  He married Mary who had great_____ on his books.

Câu 43:  John fell in____ with a girl who he met on a train.

Câu 44:  Michael Faraday,_______ name is famous in the history of electricity, was an English scientist.

Câu 45: His salary was too low. He could ______feed his children.

Câu 46: M. Curie, ______discovered radium, was a famous French physicist.

Câu 47: We call a man who studies language _____.

Câu 48:  Laboratory is where _____ are carried out.

Câu 49: The battle field is______ soldiers fight.

Câu 50: Spoken English is not _______phonetic.
A. system B. systematic C. systematically D. basically.

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