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Đề kiểm tra học kỳ I, Tiếng Anh 12 (Đề 10)

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Đề kiểm tra học kỳ I, Tiếng Anh 12 (Đề 10)

I. Choose the best answer.

Câu 1:  After I_______ lunch, I looked for my bag.

Câu 2:  Henry______ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.

Câu 3: I ______to New York three times this year.

Câu 4:  John_____ a book when I saw him.

Câu 5: We Doris since last Sunday.

Câu 6: A table used for writing is called_______ .

Câu 7:  There isn't _____in the next room.

Câu 8: Janice and ____live in an apartment.

Câu 9:  It is an________ story.

Câu 10: He is reading The Old Man and The Sea, a novel ___________by Ernest Hemingway.

Câu 11:  We still have______ money.

Câu 12: He is _____ of three.

Câu 13:  He is _____.

Câu 14:  He doesn't get up early on Sundays. He gets up ____.

Câu 15: ___________did the writer feel? Angry

Câu 16:  That's the artist _____paintings are very fashionable.

Câu 17:  The meeting will start when everyone______ .

Câu 18: The students were tired. They ______hard all morning.

Câu 19: We saw the girls______ foootball as we drove past the field.

Câu 20:  Who is it? ______Jenny

Câu 21: Betty_____ a lot of presents on her birthday.

Câu 22: I'm readlly looking______Christmas thí year

Câu 23: Let me____ from you soon

Câu 24: I'm right_____?

Câu 25: My father is______as yours

Câu 26: Sun day is the day _____ which we usually go fishing.

Câu 27: John wanted me_____him

Câu 28: _____ class rushed into the dinning room

Câu 29: John gradually became _____ in the discussion

Câu 30: If you see Tom ____ you mind_____him to get it touch with me?

Câu 31: _____ does it take to get to the river from here

Câu 32: He_____newspapers for ten year

Câu 33: " Have you read his new book
Yes, it is ____ interesting than his first four books"

Câu 34: She'd rather stay at home than_____
A. will go B. going C. to go

Câu 35: “Jane said that you had read the book three times”.
“Yes, I found it very _____“

Câu 36:  I don't think we are on the right road. We _____ some one
A. had better ask
C. had better asked

Câu 37: She finally decided ____ her children alone in the house

Câu 38: One of the girls ____in that company  died
A. whose worked
C. worked

Câu 39: We are too late. The plane ____ off ten minutes ago

Câu 40: Don't let your brothers _____ the present

Câu 41:  Listen! The telephone_____ . 

Câu 42:  I drink ____coffee than you

Câu 43: I can't help____ him in spite of his faults

Câu 44: He has wasted____

Câu 45: You had your house repaired last month_____ ?

Câu 46: The boy _____is here. 

Câu 47:  This is the first time I _____the experiment on plant breeding

Câu 48: It _____everyday so far this week

Câu 49:  Paper money_____ for over a thousand years.

Câu 50: The heat of the sun _______transmitted to the earth by radiation

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